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Two weeks ago, my main man Daniel Ruso invited me to his trails spot in Pöttelsdorf, Austria. He and his dear brother Elias own this property for nearly one year now and I was pretty stoked to visit the so-called "Bomboyard" for the first time.

At the very beginning, I definitely got thrilled about the unspoiled countryside. Between big trees, I faced many professionally handmade wood constructions with big ramps, that lead up to large jumps. Daniel came running out of his hiding among bushes to greet me. About fifteen people were there and even more were joining, many local riders, indeed some riders from the famous "Banana Crew" (I left a link at the end). Markus Forstik, who's birthday was just around the corner, brought some tasty home made goulash, that he heated above a fire pit. By the way, he's famous for his nickname "Don Promillo", guess why...

Bomboyard was built by a handful of people, which is admirable! They spent so much time shaping loamy ground, so that you can "pump track" all the run, which means like speeding up your bike just by putting pressure on it with your whole body. In Austria, it's actually rare to have a combination of jumps and a pump track at one place. Nevertheless, it's limited access. Sorry! (if you're really interested, don't be afraid to message Daniel - contact infos below)

For shooting, I took a Canon 7D with me, with a 50mm lens, that was probably the best for sport scenes. I was so fascinated of the atmosphere, the good background music, the company with each other, and most of all the tricks. They made it look so easy, but I am also aware, how often they fell to be that skilled and advanced as they are. In fact, riders even know how to jump off their bike when they fail, so that they won't hurt themselves.

Get yourself an insight and don't forget to subscribe the riders!

Banana Crew Homepage

Riders: Daniel Ruso, Elias Ruso, Markus Forstik, Peter Mihalkovits, Stefan Strohmayer, Manuel Schretter, Gregor Kleindienst, Lukas List, Manuel Mayer, Markus Saurer, Bernd Winkler, Moritz Ribarich, Daniel Winkler

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